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Thank you for visiting e-School2u. e-School2u is Malaysia’s first virtual education institution. It focuses on enhancing academic learning as well as vocational skills such as arts and music.


Our partnership with MusicGurus, the UK’s leading provider of online music courses, enables us to offer Malaysian students unlimited access to MusicGurus courses. The MusicGurus platform provides interactive music lessons from professional music educators all over the world. We’ve got all the Rockschool courses like Piano, Drums, Guitar and Acoustic Guitar, with more coming soon!


Furthermore, myGuru has partnered with e-School2U, giving students in Malaysia access to the finest learning material and online tuition with the best teachers in the country. Malaysia’s No.1 online education resource and online tuition provider, myGuru, offers learning and teaching materials covering all topics from Primary Year 1 to Secondary Form 5. Both Malay and English versions are available. As well as educational material, myGuru offers online tuition classes taught by Malaysian expert teachers using visually appealing and effective teaching methods to improve academic performance.


We’re offering free unlimited access to the MusicGurus / Rockschool Piano, Drums, Guitar courses with every subscription to myGuru (online learning + online tuitions)!


I wish you all an enjoyable browsing and learning experience!


Jacklyn Soong

e-School2u Editor

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