History of Art Thematic

Art Thematic has been established since 2010 from Australia. Their world class art programme caters to children age 3 and above to promotes a strong emphasis on creativity and character building development.

They are globally acceptable and recognized and is currently affiliated with some international schools locally here in Malaysia and schools from Australia, China and Indonesia.

Meet the Architect Behind Art Thematic
Joe Lee Swee Yeong

Founder of Art Thematic Malaysia & Co-Founder of Art Thematic Australia, Joe Lee Swee Yeong is very passionate about what he loves the most, arts.

Born on the 17th of May in the year 1973, Joe has found himself in love with arts since he was a little kid. Graduated from The One Academy of Communication Design with a Diploma in Illustration, he has been working in major organizations such as LIMKOKWING Integrated and Astro where he spent 13 years as a Senior Production Designer.

In 2012, Joe founded Art Thematic Malaysia and placed extra co-curricular activities in other schools including Nobel International School and Taylor’s International School KL. Over the next 8 years, he has introduced Art Thematic in two different countries (Australia and China).

Joe is currently based in KL and teaching arts to children, teens and adults at Art Thematic Taman Midah.

Welcoming Message from the Founder

        “It has been a great honour to be with e-School2u. A thousand miles journey begins with a first footstep. This is the beginning of a long vision between e-School2u and Art Thematic venture ship. We are proud to be on board and prepare ourselves to provide the best art programmes online and services that supported e-School2u’s Extra Curriculums. Plus, we believe our collaboration will bring a lot of new learning experiences and inspirations to new and existing learners. e-School2u is a revolutionary education hub to redefine what online education is about and its online teaching module will become a successful business model in the market. Online education is indeed a blue ocean to make all competition irrelevant and e-School2u is the leader to remark history ever recorded in Malaysia.”

       “I have been planted a deep interest in art since I was born. It has been very lucky for me to blend my best interest into a career. I am thankful to my parents who had supported me very well in developing my creative career.”

       “My first job was to sit down and draw in those days when I first graduated from art college back in 1994. I have spent approximately 2 years in an advertising agency at LIMKOKWING Integrated as a Visualizer cum Illustrator and it has been a great experience, that was where I truly trained up my real professional Visual drawing skills – FAST SHARP & ACCURATE! Explosive & intensive is my beet strength. My style was radical, I was a fast-visual artist. Under the creative team, we managed to handle many mega projects ads campaigns such Rakan Muda, Commonwealth Games 98’, KTM Safety Campaign, and many more and I was the storyboard visual artist for these projects.”

        “Moving on to 1996, I have started working at Astro Broadcasting as a Senior Production Designer where I have to create a look and feel of a production which includes set design, lighting, costume design, graphic design, props, makeup, and the flow of the production for TV programs such as Roda Impian, Akademi Fantasia, and Deal or No Deal Malaysia. I left Astro after 13 years with them.”

        “Art Thematic was inspired by my wife, Amy Yap, to involve myself in art education. My best interest always in teaching and sharing art experience and education which matches well to my nature dedication and personality. Art Thematic program designs was based on a THEMATIC core thinking – ‘Theme Base’ to develop all activities and learning contents. It was an opportunity that I was invited by Sri Nobel International School to design an art program for the extra curriculum. This marks the first Art Thematic Extra Curriculum in an International School. Throughout the years, Art Thematic RnD Team has been spending great effort to evolve ourselves into digital art and it is part of our development transformation to the next levels.”

       “I am spending my life architecting this, and I am taking whatever I have learned from my previous experiences, things that I have already known and things I have not to learn yet. My knowledge is beyond my imagining and all have to come into Art Thematic. I have spent serious effort at high spirit nurturing Art Thematic program design. I hope it will inspire the next generations and many more generations to come from this. Art Thematic is my life testimonial to remark my art adventure journey which I love what am I doing, and I will not give up.”


Joe Lee Swee Yeong's Past Contributions

Art Thematic's Extra Co-curricular Activities Location

Taylor's International School, Kuala Lumpur
Taylor's International School, Puchong
Nobel International School, Petaling Jaya
Australian International School Malaysia, Selangor

Joe's Life & Activities at Art Thematic

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