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Organized by Asian Science & Maths Olympiad in collaboration with e-School2u

BMOC competition was established by Olympic Edu Sdn Bhd in the beginning of 2012 in Kota Kinabalu.The competition was first opened to East Malaysian as there was huge demand for mathematical contestants. Lower secondary was then added as there were genius demands for significant contest platform.


BMOC competition forms the route to obtain higher level competition that also prepare winning chance to enter the international competition. Certificate issued is recognised by the Mathematic Olympiads and can be used as credentials for applying a scholarship. The award winners in state round will move up to participate in international competition. Through the competition, students learn the mathematical analytical thinking and problem solving ability.

Why BMOC ?

Promote, challenge, develop mathematical learning, thinking and experience the beauty of mathematics.


1. A platform to expand and escalate learning curve from primary to lower secondary in Borneo and Malaysia.


2. Develop understanding of mathematical analysis and problem solving ability, in addition to exercise perseverance in students.


3. Strengthen even weak average students’ intelligence from school level to state and international level.


4. Prepare fun and friendly ground for fellowship and learning development origin from school in Borneo, East and West Malaysia.


5. A route path to higher learning of competition in accordance to Math Olympiads to enter international competition.

What is e-School2u?

e-School2u is an online platform that allows students from all walks of life to do their revisions and extra curriculum activities at their own time, anywhere in the world by using their electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets with internet access. 



To be a leading provider on home-based learning.


To provide equal education to students.

Core Values

• Innovation

• Diversity and Inclusion

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Philanthropy

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Making a Difference, Popular Renowned Broadcasting Star to Shine Light on Virtual Education

From radio airwaves to online education, Sabah’s renowned broadcaster Selina Datuk Hi Light is popular with all communities, informing and educating them, is now set to transform new 21st century generations as e-School2u General Manager with a life inspiring motto to always ‘Be Humble. Be Yourself. Make a Difference’ with a mission to instil a love for online learning for all as a beacon of light to a brighter future.

Selina Datuk Hj Light

General Manager, e-School2u

How Do Parents Benefit from e-School2u?

An alternative to Tuition Centre for achieving good academic learning
A platform for Eco Education System for Career Path (Art, Music & Skill)
SKM 1, 2, 3 Elective Subject for Art
SKM 1, 2, 3 Elective Subject for Music
Learn at their own pace
e-Report Card
Cater for Special Needs Children, Down Syndrome Children, Marginalized & Stateless Children
Retrieve Previous Homework
e-Certificate of Attendance
Big Saving for Children Pursuing Degrees Overseas

Learning with Coded Minds Asia

e-School2u CEO, Mr. Peter Chua, stated it was ‘encouraging’ to learn a new international enriched curriculum for kids and adults on 21st Century Skills from

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Jazz Piano Lesson

Magic Lesson

Vocal Lesson

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